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Listen to a random mix of Pink Skull songs


MP3 Blast Yr Akk – Free News Projects – October 2006
MP3 Zeppelin 3 – Free News Projects – April 1, 2008
MP3 VNL Endless Bummer – RVNG – November 2009
— Clean Plate (as Clean Plate) – RVNG – May 25, 2011
MP3 VNL Psychic Welfare – RVNG – September 13, 2011
MP3 VNL Huitlacoche – My Favorite Robot Records – December 9 2013
MP3 VNL Turkish Delight (as Clean Plate) – Metal Postcard – April 19 2014
MP3 VNLNightscape – a light and sound experience – August 8 2016


MP3 Unicorn Harpoon EP – Free News Projects – November 2006
MP3 VNL Gonzo’s Cointreau – Free News Projects – November 26, 2007
VNL The Chicago EP – Pink Skull – Fall 2007
MP3 Drugs will Keep Us Together – The Savant Guard – March 24, 2008
VNL Blobbaghanoush – Pink Skull – Winter 2009
MP3 Bee Nose (Put Your Face On) EP – RVNG – May 9, 2011
MP3 Definitive Gauze EP – My Favorite Robot Records – January 21, 2013
MP3 Blind Babies of the International Sunshine Society EP – Legitmix – February 21, 2013
MP3 Braindance EP – Throne of Blood Records – February 25, 2013
MP3 Skin Game EP – Days of Being Wild – October 22, 2013
MP3 Huitlacoche Remixes – My Favorite Robot Records – August 11, 2014
MP3 Move On – Lakeshore Records – October 27, 2014
MP3 Infant Decimal EP – Beachcoma Records – Sept 18, 2015
MP3 Neil Blender EP – Melomena – November 2015


— Spank Rock – Bump (Pink Skull Remix) – October 11, 2006
— Hail Social – The One You Love (Pink Skull Remix) – Hail Social Records – December 18, 2007
MP3 Plastic Little – Crambodia (Pink Skull Remix) – Free News Projects/Virgin UK – May 8, 2007
— David Gilmore Girls – Crimson As Murder (Pink Skull Remix) – Relish Records – February 12, 2008
MP3 VNL Health – Heaven (Pink Skull Remix) – Love Pump United – May 27, 2007
MP3 Architecture In Helsinki – Heart it Races (Pink Skull Remix) – Polyvinyl – June 5, 2007
MP3 Icy Demons – 1850 (Pink Skull Remix) – Free News Projects – April 1, 2008
— Man Man – Engrish Bwud (Pink Skull Remix) – Ace Fu Records – September 1 2008
MP3 Toro y Moi – Left Alone At Night (Pink Skull Remix) – Savant Guard – April 22, 2009
MP3 VNL Bear In Heaven – Wholehearted Mess (Pink Skull Remix) – Hometapes – October 20, 2009
MP3 Allez Allez – Seven Down Six Across (Pink Skull Remix) – RVNG – July 1, 2010
MP3 Harold Grosskopf – Tai Ki (Pink Skull Remix) – RVNG – February 15, 2011
MP3  Arc in Round – Spirit (Pink Skull Remix) – AiR – April 1, 2011
MP3 Persons Of Interest – Drumline (Pink Skull Remix) – Warmth Records – May 3, 2011
MP3 Processory – Take Me To Your Leader (PS Black Widow Remix) – Sugarcane Recordings – July 5, 2011
MP3 Edie Sedgwick – Heat Wave (Pink Skull Remix) – Mud Memory/Dischord – March 27, 2012
MP3 RCMP – Sweat and Loving (Pink Skull Remix) – Young Robots – March 27, 2012
MP3 Instamatic – Police Us (Pink Skull Remix) – August 24, 2012
MP3 Sasse – Got 2 Be feat. Illija Rudman (Pink Skull Remix) – My Favorite Robot Records – August 19, 2013
— Tony G – Simple Dreams (Pink Skull Remix) – Infinite JuJu – October 4, 2013
MP3 Demain – With Love and Voodoo (Pink Skull Remix) – Clouded Vision – February 24, 2014
MP3 Kasper Björke – Rush (Pink Skull Remix) – Hafendisko – April 28, 2014
MP3 DC Salas – Don’t Be Scared (Pink Skull Remix) – Biologic Records – November 10, 2014
MP3 Simon Peter – Double Up – Silhouette Music – February 2015

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