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Preview “Neil Blender EP” on Melomana Records

Preview all the tracks on our new EP, with remixes from Justin Robertson, Dimitri Veimar, and Undo!

Premier: EB Acid (on Melomana) at Ransom Note


Listen to the premiere of a track from our new release on Melomana records, EB Acid.

Digital Re-issue of Psychic Welfare LP


Rvng Intl. courtesy of Junodownload put together a sweet reissue package of our LP, Psychic Welfare. Featuring extra tracks and mixes from Ray Mang and Brassica. (PLUS an odd 14 minute long zonker.) Enjoy!!!

New Release from Infinite Juju OUT NOW

We are pleased to announce the third release on our vinyl only label, Infinite Juju: “Cult Curry” by Joe Lentini with a remix by Someone Else. You can preview it at the link below.




FRIDAY 7/10 Pink Skull Dj’s – JBs

FRIDAY (7/10)

Wish You Were Beer. (with JG)

10am – 2am (special early guest @jimshreds !) @ Johnny Brendas


Man Power Record Release Party

Record release party at Renate (Berlin)

Man Power
Last Waltz
Even Tuell
Ess O Ess
Rebekah Aff
Barbara Preisinger
Machete Savane
Konkret Cutz
Pink Skull
Cubik / Bird of Paradise
More TBA


WED 4/8 Pink Skull and Nolan Voiid at The Dolphin


FRIDAY 3/13 Pink Skull Dj’s – JBs


FRIDAY (3/13)

Wish You Were Beer. PINK SKULL dj’s.

Sweet jams and slow grooves to soundtrack your lame tinder date

10pm – 2am

Simon Peter – Double Up (pink skull remix) out today

Double Up EP Website Banner

In Stores TODAY:

Simon Peter – Double Up ep with remixes from PINK SKULL & Massimiliano Pagliara on Silhouette Music


Arroz Con Leche – OUT NOW

Universo Paralelo – Arroz Con Leche (w/ Naum Gabo Remix)


Universo Paralelo – Arroz Con Leche 7inch Single. Clear Vinyl, Hand Silkscreened Covers. $10
Need international shipping? email us.
$10 Domestic US (Shipping Included)

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